Specter Falcon
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Specter Falcon

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This particular model is being offered by Jim Gessford in Bancroft, Idaho ... Entire project is ready for sale and ready for marketing.   It originated when Jim was doing the fiberglass work for the Phoenix Falcon which was the next model to follow he XP. After some internal personnel problems, Jim ended up with the molds and fixtures and continued the development. He completed all the tooling for an all composite wing and canard. Some design portions by others did not work out, such as the swept-back canard by the University of Utah at Logan. The design has progressed to such an extent that Romuald is no longer involved and refutes any responsibility or liability. He also strongly advises interested parties to have the design evaluated by a qualified engineer.  

Let Jim's e-mail tell the rest:

Where shall I begin?  As I understand it, McShane was a salesman for Romuald when he decided to take off on his own.  He brought a Falcon XP to the University of Utah at Logan where a Chuck Larsen and Dave Widoff (sp) professors with the Univ. Aeronautical program were going to redesign the fuselage, copy the wing and canard and produce a plane called the Phoenix.  I became involved when they were looking for someone to handle all of the composite parts.  For a couple of professors they supplied me with a plug of the fuselage which was twisted as well as the port side was entirely different from the starboard side.  I retooled the entire fuselage and came up with a really sleek looking design based upon their outline.  McShane thought it was great and we got off to a great start.  The only real problem I had with McShane was he kept giving me bad checks and was getting deeper and deeper in debt with me.  I finally had to take him to court to collect from him but that really didn't solve anything.  I won my case but didn't collect a dime.  What I did end up with was all of the assets of Phoenix.  Since all of the "assets" were located at the University in Logan they wouldn't release them to me as McShane owed the University a considerable sum of money.  In fact, he owed a lot of people a great deal of money.  At any rate, I hung onto the tooling which I created and decided to change the name to Specter to shed any connection with Phoenix.  Specter Aircraft was operated as a division of MNK Enterprises, Inc., my company of forty years.

I then came into contact with a Ray Bloteaux (a first rate graduate student of Chuck and Dave's).  With his engineering background and being highly recommended I made the proposal to him that I would give him a 50% interest in the aircraft project if he would come on board and do "his thing".  We borrowed 300K to finish the project and get it into production.  It turned out that everything this great engineer did was a complete waste of time.  Nothing he did worked.  After the initial money was gone he decided to leave also even though he was equally responsible for repayment of our loan.  At any rate, over the next couple of years I worked through the problems one at a time and eventually solved them all.

Specter front.jpg (97685 bytes)  Specter engine.jpg (130650 bytes)  Specter rear.jpg (61689 bytes)

The photo I sent you shows a swept canard (Ray, Chuck and Dave's idea as it really looked neat)  Didn't work.  After one flight we tied the aircraft down the day before Thanksgiving three years ago and planned to resume testing the following day.  During the night a wild wind storm came up and picked up the Specter's canard and it ended up on its tip sails and prop.  The prop was destroyed.  I loaded the aircraft onto its trailer and brought it back to Bancroft.  Since this time I have gone through all of the control systems as well as retool the canard back to a straight configuration.  The rework is beautiful and with the addition of a new Catto prop (not as yet purchased) it is ready to fly.  The Specter is powered with a 115 hp fuel injected Subaru engine from Formula Power. I also have plugs and molds for the 4 seater Specter IV.

Mike, I am not an engineer.  I'm just an ole' 74 year old fiberglass man.  At this time in my life I would like to sell the project to some enterprising soul who has the moxie to finish the project and put it on the market.  At the present time I have a list of well over 300 prospects which should get the project off to a good start.

Asking price is for everything is $150,000.00 plus 2% royalty, I have 1.2 million invested.

Specter II is complete as a flying aircraft.  It does need a prop in its present condition and possibly a new battery but that's about it.

Yes, if you like, I would appreciate your posting this sale on your web site.  However, I have no site for you to link to.  You may also feature it on your site as you see fit.
E-mail contact only at Specterair@aol.com


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