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 85 Red & White UL, ser 500252

I had flown this aircraft for a number of years. It was very smooth and dependable. Unfortunately one night an unexpected ice storm deposited about two inches of ice on it and the results can be seen here. I completely restored it, new fuselage, rebuilt the wings, new cover, the works. At this time I also performed a number of modifications, such as rear disc brakes, solid spring nose gear, beefed up the fuselage inside, up-down rudder mod, heater,  and played around with ideas to improve the enclosure. Eventually I sold it to Mark Mc.Nown, who came all the way from Santa Fe, NM. In October 2001 it was resold to Sanjay Dhall, who seems to be enjoying it. 

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 Engine.jpg (142751 bytes)  Interior view.jpg (264718 bytes)  Main rear.jpg (211632 bytes)

 Nose and canard.jpg (242272 bytes)  Panel.jpg (161383 bytes)  Side view.jpg (259709 bytes)

 Winter enclosure plan 2.jpg (172583 bytes)  Winter enclosure plan1.jpg (148829 bytes)  Up rudder.jpg (112439 bytes)

8/03, this just in from Sanjay, after doing some repairs. The wing was damaged from a water filled tarp and not Sanjay finally got to fly it

Via email:

At long last, I flew the Falcon last weekend.
On Saturday I taxied it up and down the runway and then finally flew it
10 feet off the runway several times.
On Sunday I took it to about 500-700 feet and flew the pattern for a
while. It was great to fly after 13 years.
I haven't figured out everything about the Falcon yet, but its a lot
faster than my previous Eagle, and a bit more responsive, and a lot of
fun. Since it was slightly gusty I was not able to see iif it needs any
Thanks again for your guidance and support.