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Check out Ralph's Paint scheme, Instrument panel and Heater !

Here's some text from Ralph's e-mail:

I picked up the plane in april of 2002 in Wisconsin from former owner, Jack Schuman, who Unfortunately had gone legally blind. Jack told me he bought this plane at Oshkosh and had all the papers to prove it. After getting it home I started a restoration project which included almost everything but the main wings which had been recovered two years peviously with ceconite and painted silver. The restoration was completed in mid-June and I first flew the plane about a week later after much taxiing.
     Restoration included recovering the elevators and rudders with ceconite and the same paint used on the fuselage which was also sanded completely and primed prior to painting. All painted surfaces are clear-coated with two light coats and really shine. The fuselage was reinforced around the front gear opening which looked to have been damaged in some sort of accident. I also used the bulkhead reinforcement kit from falcon east as the fuselage was oilcanned on both sides where it is weakest. Further reinforcement was used around the air inlets and one side of the cockpit that was cracked. Carbon fibre bi-directional cloth was used for all reinforcement and held in place while curing.
   Other initial mods included fixed nose-gear from Falconeast, Strut thru bushings also from Falconeast and the new instrument panel. The instrument panel face is 1/4 inch cherry cabinet ply,  with from left to right, airspeed indicator, Ball 600 vario, rpm/cht, and egt. Future plan is to use a Tiny tach/ rpm in the center and replace the rpm /cht with a cht/egt leaving room for one more instument. The instrument hood was formed using aluminum flashing then painted flat black and trimmed with door edge molding from an auto store.
    The engine on the plane had less than 30 hrs on it but had sat for a couple of years so I had it gone through by a rotax shop and all seals replaced. The pull starter needed repair also. All fuel lines and of course pulse line were replaced and fuel pump rebuilt. ALL this seems to have been worth the time, effort and money as the engine has run perfectly since first started. Jack always ran Amsoil 100 to 1 premix so I have stuck with it and have no problems with fouling plugs.
    Many of the bolts nuts and clevis pins on the plane were corroded and also replaced.
     Future planned mods include strut fairings wheel pants and rear brakes.
     I originally bought the Falcon for it's glide and sink performance and so far have done some soaring in light conditions of 300-400 fpm lift. Cross country in this plane is a ball and it's just a pleasure to fly and land. 
     Many thanks go to Mike Fithian for the quality parts he supplies and for his unselfish and timely advice when I needed it most!
                            Ralph Keeney


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