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Pert Asiatico's beautiful Kawi 340 aircooled installation

After Pert had an engine out and subsequent unscheduled landing in 2004 he decided to switch to a Kawi 340. The first flights with it were in the hot August of 2005. Climb rate was 400 fpm at 40 mph, cruise was 60 mph at 5600 rpm. Will probably improve with cooler weather and some prop tweaking and engine break-in.  He did a real nice job all around. In spring of 2004 he replaced a bent d-tube and recovered the airplane. He lives in VA Beach and flies out of Chesapeak airport.

As you can see the installation looks clean and neat, panel and rudders are all one of a kind.  

 Pert_Kawi_340_1.jpg (1968890 bytes)  Pert_Kawi_340_2.jpg (1976847 bytes)  Pert_Kawi_340_3.jpg (1878121 bytes)  Pert Asiatico UL.jpg (2658381 bytes)Pert Panel.jpg (3493554 bytes)  Pert pilot.jpg (1926252 bytes)  Pert rudders.jpg (1813614 bytes)

Pert has something to smile about. Take a good look at the emblem on his flight suit.