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Dear Falcon Enthusiast,

Thank you for your interest in the Falcon series of aircraft. A touch of history for the newcomers: In 1972, before Falcons and Vary-ezes were on the drawing board, I started to build a small canard aircraft, which took the next 15 years of my spare time,


                                                   Project Blue Book , 1974-1990

By the time I was finished, Rutan was a household name and the Falcons were a proven success. Eventually I built a two seat Falcon XP in 1989 and promptly fell in love with it; I could not have thought of a better flying or a better looking aircraft, not to mention the stability it provided when I merged photography and flying.

A few years ago I was toying around with the idea of bringing the Falcons back on the market. They had made about 1500 single  seater UL’s and 500 two seater XP's between 1975 and 1986. Along came John Rush in Utah in early '95, he had acquired the production rights and necessities to make the single seat UL; I was to provide marketing and sales support for his version, called Classic Falcon. But his project never really took off ( pun intended ).

For a short period of time it even seemed that I would inherit the production rights and some components for the old Falcon line, but the venture was not meant to be. And I am sorry to say, but it does not seem likely that either original Falcon UL or its two seat Falcon XP version will ever be built again, the complexity and parts count would make it prohibitive in today’s labor market.

As a result of my efforts and newsletters, I found myself as a sort of clearing house for Falcon owners, sellers, buyers, assisting in providing information, newsletters, parts, manuals, whatever. FALCON EAST: Headquarters for new, used, parts, owner's assistance. A truly non profit operation. But I love it and I get to know many present and future Falcon owners and feel that I am providing a needed service.

Meantime, the original designer of the Falcons, Romuald Drlik, was by no means standing still and we had been working towards introducing the next generation Falcons, namely the Peregrine Falcon. You may have seen some advance advertisements in Kitplanes and Ultralight Flying!. The Peregrine was to have been a legal part 103 UL even with a 447 Rotax, but as the project went along it became clear that it would not meet the part 103 requirements without extensive efforts ( read money) and the project was shelved in favor of the two seat version, called Falcon 2000. The Falcon 2000 is actually a derivative of the Optima, one of Romuald's latest efforts. 


Falcon 2000

Despite extensive investment in time and money as well as marketing and building efforts by Larry Neal in Texas, who obtained the rights from Romuald,  sales were insufficient. It was planned to market it in five $ 5000 dollar installment packages.

 It received much favorable interest at Oshkosh and Sun ad Fun in 2000 and a subsequent effort was made by Aero Command ( the copter people). If anyone is interested, I have some promo videos free of charge and I understand the project is available through Aero Command.     

Myself, I am currently working on introducing an early version Falcon (Version 3, a prototype never produced ), which has the advantage of being lighter and cheaper than any other Falcons. It will have conventional fabric covered wings instead of the aluminum D-tube design, will be folding or disassembly wing, will have a number of weight and cost saving features, be part 103 UL legal with a 447 engine and, as I mentioned before, less costly. I am targeting $ 12,995.- complete kit. Although we are at the planning stage right now, the time  will be short, since this was already an actual flying aeroplane. I plan to call it the Millennium Falcon, if I can get away with it. I can download a picture if you would like. Also in the works is the Pelican, an amphibious composite hull style aircraft in UL as well as Experimental version    


                                               Millenium Falcon in the works

I will continue to assist original Falcon owners any way I can. Some structural components will be difficult to supply in new issue due to the stringent testing required but that is where I will try to find used ones. At this time manuals, covering and most parts can be obtained with some patience. I have a five page parts inventory available for the asking. Click here for PARTS, SUPPLIES, MANUALS, MODS 


I still have Gary Kneier's set of 3 articles covering XP improvements, a must for XP owners, complete with the Orion Canard Troubleshooting manual and 3 page spec sheet, all for $20.-ppd. Final assembly video including wing covering is $ 39.-, manuals for the XP are $ 49.- and for the UL are $ 25.- ppd.


The latest list of used Falcons is available in my classified section as well. Again this is a service I supply at a modest commission. If you wish to list your Falcon (or other ac) please give me as much info up front, especially pictures. Why are so few Falcons for sale ? It's because owners are holding on to them, period. They know when they have a good thing.


Last newsletter I hinted at improving landing gears. Aluminum gears at $700.- are too costly, but I was informed by one reader that the Sonerai gear is only $ 300.- and can be installed with reasonable efforts. I also have a solid front gear available for the Uls, spring loaded, much better brake, $ 225.-. Also rudder-up-or-down conversions for the Uls, $150.- See the whole list of mods here


As mentioned previously, some owners have reported various engine installations in the UL version, such as 377, 477. Has anyone installed a 582 into an XP yet? Also some people have put Uls on floats, although not recommended by Romuald. I need to add again that these modifications are not necessarily legal, nor safe, nor necessary, nor can I or the designer endorse them, this is only information I am supplying because people ask. Whatever you do I suggest you get professional advice BEFORE you start.


In these days of high tech information I finally have come to resort to FAXES, E-Mail and FAQ lists. And now finally a Web Site I know, I really needed a website.  As I returned phone calls I found myself answering a certain set of questions over and over again. This web site is designed to answer as many FAQs as possible. And you are welcome to download any and all information.  


Currently I have accumulated around 2000 Falcon inquiries, and have about half of them on the computer, which means I have a long way to go. I am also compiling a list of owners and histories of their aircraft, in order to help out people who want to know if there is one in their area. As time goes by it seems more and more are coming out of the woodwork.  

If you can help me out with info, maybe even pictures, it would be of great help. 

That's all for now, happy dreams of flying

Mike Fithian

Falcon East 

155 Oscawana Lake Rd.

Putnam Valley, NY 10579

845 528-8940 Voice/Fax

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