N544AA green XP
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N544AA green XP

I purchased this XP in New Hampshire in '99. It had a custom spring loaded gear installed by a previous owner, but needed a lot of work. It had a unique dual windshield, which I then replaced with a custom setup similar to the XP-B. 

                Fuselage group 1.jpg (338355 bytes)    Fuselage group2.jpg (302171 bytes)

 At the same time I widened the cockpit area by extending the fuselage by two inches, in a taper setup

Then I built a custom instrument panel complete with Taskem EFI, Terra Radio nad intercom, Narco Transponder and encoder, and handheld Apollo GPS. 

Instrument group.jpg (369760 bytes)

Next I upgraded the belt drive engine to a new 503 with e-box and dual ignition.

Engine 1.jpg (298481 bytes)   Engine 2.jpg (324758 bytes)   Engine 3.jpg (326536 bytes)   Engine 4.jpg (312937 bytes)

At first the aircraft flew terrible, required a tot of trim adjustments. After extensive adjustments it finally flew like it was supposed to. Unfortunately, before it had any time so to speak it was destroyed by a wind storm squall just prior to a thunderstorm. Most of the good components went to rebuild N240XP.                                

                     See N240XP.  

 N544AA finished.jpg (298644 bytes)     Finished aircraft.jpg (223819 bytes)     N544AA right front.jpg (321362 bytes)