The Millenium Falcon
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The Millenium Falcon

From Starwars fame rises an early version of the Falcon family. The prototype 3 featured sailcloth wings, tube wing structure, a short, early fuselage which was a predecessor to the later full fuselages, engine and wings supported on a tubular structure and enclosed with sailcloth. Very simple, fuel tank exposed and removable, wings removable and foldable, simple landing gear. The original had a Cuyuna 340 and worked just great. It was never produced in favor of the later full fuselage and wing d-tube and tedlar versions. Of course these were very high tech and cost accordingly. I plan to reintroduce the prototype 3 under the name "Millenium Falcon" in the near future and bring it in UL-legal, under $ 10,000.-. It will offer many of the original features, such as quick removable folding wings, a simplified canard with sailcloth covering and elevators attached via zipper, external airfoil ailerons, and so on

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