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 Latest News 

Mid May 2001. You are looking at it, I did it, I got a web site going. Wow.

As of May 23 2001 improvements were made to the overall layout as well as the navigation buttons. More buttons, more direct connections. Thanks for the patience.

June 6, 2001, just got basic parts on file with some pictures.  Will add pix as they become available. New items are a new Rotax 503 and a number of other items.    

July 2001, completed PARTS section with pictures,       

August 2001, got SUPPLIES, MODS, MATERIALS section on line, complete with pictures of mods.

September 2001, completed Used Falcon listing, plus added FAQTransport file

October 2001, started Building/rebuilding section. Optimizing site and getting it hooked to search engines.

Summer 2001. Mahopac NY grass strip airport ( N77) was sold to developers and then to the County. Had to move operation to Orange County, Montgomery, NY ( MGJ) and hour away. 

January 2002, most major search engines now have the site listed 

Feb 2002, added " Future Falcon" section.  

March 2002, added " Dream Falcon" section.

May 2002, started "Falcon Owners" section.  

January 03 still working on Owner's section and making improvements and changes as we go. 

December 03 still adding to "Owner's" section, this section turns out to be bigger than anticipated, thanks to owner's feedback. 

Improving the CLASSIFIED section, adding SOLD, WANTED sub headings..  

March 04, improving specs section, added "Neat Shots" album.  

Summer 06, outgrew single hangar at Orange County Airport, Montgomery NY ( MGJ)

2006: Built a 45x60 hangar, complete with heated 15x45 workshop and loft above at a Private Club Airport called Old Orchard Airpark (OOA) at Plattekill NY, north of Newburgh, NY.  This airport was built by volunteer labor over the past five years and is a very active club operation ( currently 65 members) , has 30 hangar sites, over 20 already built. 

IMG_0200.jpg (63189 bytes)    IMG_0128.JPG (2292188 bytes)    IMG_0192-1.JPG (1927048 bytes)    Untitled-4.jpg (317661 bytes)

Spring 2007 finished moving into new hangar. Electric and heat. 

February 2007 added FAQ First flight

Keep tuned, more to come





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