Julio Silva red XP w 582
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Julio Silva's XP w 582

As you can see, Julio has done an outstanding job with this XP. Just look at the paint job, the panel and the 582 Installation. Here's some e-mail text on the subject :

Hi Mike,
It was nearly 300 hours, and the recommended thing to do was rebuild the "block", buying a rebuilt block was nearly the same price of a new, complete, engine, so my father and I decided to buy the complete engine. So for a few more bucks we can have a complete 0h engine, so we can run more 300h again.
The old engine flown for +/-100h in 2-3 years with the old owner, and with us flown 200h in 2 years :), so the 1st 100h was parked without running too much time, so we do trust more in a new engine now.
Maybe the block did the same job of this new engine, but it's just a matter of trust in it, I trust more in a new engine, then on a rebuilt  one...
By the way, I'm installing a REP BRS chute on the top of it, between the wings, before that I had one installed "below"/"near" the landing gear and tank, but I didn't think that was a good idea, so I chose to put it on the top of it, so it can deploy freely.
I changed my cockpit, I have Garmin GPS III, and Microair transponder and radio on it, I think it's a good choice for who want to do some traveling and need radio, transponder and GPS, in this very small cockpit. Pictures on the cockpit to follow.


falcon_landing_02.jpg (62694 bytes)       falcon_part_00.jpg (68414 bytes)

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