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Joao Elias's XP with 582 in Brazil

Joao did a fantastic job restoring this XP. In his own words:

We copied all from an OLD kit, but made same modifications to improve and custom our plane.
As you see have full comand for pilot and passanger, you can comand from de rear seat, power, winglets, ailerons, and the nose gear. Only the brakes have one comand in the front seat.
We made with the same materials, but the wings and winglets are clothes with DACRON. We put navigation lights using C-310 navigation lights, we buy an used ROTAX 532 and rebuild complete before put in the plane, we put an electrical fuel pump too.
We start our project in january 1998, and finished in Dezember 1999, we live near EMBRAER FACTORY was easy to find peoples to help us to work on it, there are many people working with aviation here.
We made the registration as an amateur construction like an experimental Ultralight plane Called FALCONAIR UXP2, because here the name FALCON is a trade mark from FALCON JET PLANES.
We made all the project with an aeronautical engenier who made official project for the Aviation Civil Department of Brazil and the control of the construction. Them we fly 50 hours in order to test the plane in many conditions. All was OK.
The project is very expensive, and we donīt have contidions to start with another construction, but was a fantastic experience, build and fly our plane.

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