Jerry Murphy's XP-B

Jerry purchased this XP-B in Oregon in '98 and brought it back to New York. Upon arrival he decided to look for someone to put it in shape and was happily surprised to find me, literally around the corner. After getting it in flying condition he got his license and familiarized himself with the XP-B's flying abilities. He must have taxied for 50 hours and wore out a set of tires. Bear in mind, he weighs 320 and practically " wears" the airplane. One reason he is able to manage with his weight is the airfoil shaped elevators made of aluminum and the air guide  under the canard.  We replaced the old 503 with a brand new one with  a E box, also made some fuel system mods to get some reserve, aptly named " Murphy Gallons" . The panel and fuel system had been custom made because they originally were never supplied by American Aircraft. The following year we replaced the wing covering with Ceconite and it received a bright neon green paint job. Jerry's been putting quite a number of hours on the aircraft, venturing increasingly further and further and building his confidence. He's as happy as -- well, you know what. 

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