Gary Stoley,447, PA
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Gary Stoley's UL with 447 and open trailer

Gary lives in PA and owned this UL since '88. In 2001 his UL suffered some serious wind damage and we did a major repair and recovering in summer of 2003. At the same time he installed the rudder-down-up modification, disc brake mod and stiffener panel. 

 Picture shows wings on trailer after re-covering. Note the 447 installation. Notice engine thrust line before it was corrected down several degrees, very important.

447 install set.jpg (1704848 bytes)  UL on trailer.jpg (186236 bytes)  447 install set2.jpg (172476 bytes)

An update December 04:

Hi Mike,
Hope all is well with you.
I finally got some pics scanned to share with you.  The Falcon is flying fantastic - had wonderful fall flying. Needed no adjustments from the outset.  Even seems perfectly balanced and is smooth.  Can't thank you enough.  I took some detail pics for you to see how we did some mods. use however you'd like.  While my speed isn't the greatest, about 55 cruise, the climbout is great, which is the important factor for me. I covered the old nose wheel hole, which cut drag noticeably, and climb out and speed improved. In cooler air, climb is fantastic.

Stoley1.jpg (401840 bytes)   Stoley2.jpg (70625 bytes)

Notice the corrected thrust line