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Fred Paris and his Custom Color UL

Fred is an old-time Falcon owner from Massachusetts with many years of flying experience. He attends most fly-ins in the Northeast and is well known in the UL circles. Several years ago he came to Mahopac and we recovered his wings over a period of a couple of weekends. He probably has one of the highest hours on a Falcon UL. (And he is a real nice guy too). ( )




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In 2008 Fred decided to install a Hirth F33 in place of the troublesome Rotax. Check out that beautiful and professional installation, complete with electric start and all. 

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I went flying last evening what a great time. The Hirth engine is running so well I can hardly believe it. I ended up installing a 3-blade adjustable pitch Powerfin prop.  I first tried a two-blade Powerfin thinking that my engine-off soaring would benefit from less drag, but the Hirth engine was too much for the two blade as I couldn't put enough pitch in to control the RPM. Finally the blade just cavitated at 7000 RPM. The 3- blade now has things under control.

Last weekend I did a 100 mile cross-country to attend a pig roast fly-in in Richmond R.I. This little Hirth ran as smooth and as strong as my car. I am still playing with the prop pitch to optimize for climb out rather then cruise speed. At the little back yard I fly out of, I am off the ground is less than 200'. I can hit 70 MPH but I like to fly about 35 or 40 MPH. Right now, I can maintain altitude and airspeed at 4200 RPM.

The Hirth run hot, but I have come to believe that it is the nature of the engine. I pulled the plugs yesterday and they were this nice dry light cocoa color - Excellent.  It is so good to be able to get into the Falcon, strap in and then just hit the start button. I have 15 hours on the engine so far.

Last nights flight was so cool. I flew the perimeter of this lake between 50 and 150' and about 40 MPH. Well, below the tree tops I could see people waving and I of course waved back. There were a couple of jet-skis on the lake and they were a lot faster than me but it was really cool to just fly along with the jet skis under me for more than 30 min. We explored inlets and coves and then I had to go as it was getting dark.