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FAL 11 Falcon UL Trainer

This aircraft was built and registered as a 2 seat Falcon trainer, with FAA exemptions, USUA registration, insurance, BFI license, the works. Ignition was converted to electronic, subsequently to dual electronic. This requires replacing the light coil with an ignition coil, adding the external coils and wiring, plus modifying the heads to dual plugs.  After about a year of using it as a trainer the crankshaft snapped at the most inopportune time, on a go-around with a student, end of the runway, treetop level. In order to avoid the houses and telephone poles I steered it into the nearest tree which absorbed all the crash forces. However the airplane subsequently fell out of the tree and I suffered a broken back. Student only had a sprained ankle and a chipped tooth. Airplane was totaled, actually broke in half. That happened July 2 1998. Engine was the early 503 with b-box and had close to 500 hours on it. 

Note the quality of reflection of the Superflite covering job in the first picture. Also note the photo window on the left side, excellent for picture taking and fresh air.


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