Emilio Troise
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Emilio Troise, Argentina

My XP is born on 96, and I owned it on 2010. She was hangarized for the last 6 months so, I overhauled entirely. Actually engine and canopy are 40 hs old. The instruments pannel is very complete. has his RPM, Hs, Altimeter, Variometer (vertical speed), Compass, Fuel level, EGT, Water T, MPH, batt lights, knobs for nav. lights and nose light, flujometer (just to see consumption), an Etrek Garmin GPS and a Radio/VOR for both places with ext. antenna. Copilot place its comand for flight has controls and pedals for winglets and steering. Brakes only in comandant grip. Paint is multicolour and a new tedlar for wings was put in march 2012.
The flight I do are regional, no more than 250 miles far from airport. For this next summer I plan to cross River Plate straight to Uruguay in an almost 300 miles refueling in alternative airports in Uruguay. I plan to do it in 4 or 5 hs.
Hope youŽll enjoy my XP of which I am proud of. 

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