Daniel Guerra
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Daniel Guerra's XP with 582

From Argentina hails a beautiful XP with a 582 installation, owned by Daniel Guerra. Daniel is also an A340 Airbus  pilot for Argentine Airlines and owns a Stearman and an ASW20 Sailplane.

From a recent e-mail :

My congratulations for the page you are doing. I've an XP for the last 8 years, and I'm very happy with him, some modifications had been done, by example, Rotax 582, Fixed nose gear, normal cover for the wings and canard. At the moment I'm thinking to change the canopy, I'll try to make it like the gliders, one piece opening to one side(left) but rigid, no flexible.

 falconguerra2.jpg (55592 bytes) falconguerra3.jpg (119270 bytes) falconguerra4.jpg (144630 bytes)falconguerra1.jpg (53991 bytes)

And here are the results of the canopy modification, March 2004

cabinaFalconC.jpg (726529 bytes)  cabinafalconA.jpg (1921475 bytes)  cabinafalconG.jpg (1036360 bytes)

falconenvueloF.jpg (55775 bytes)