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Chuck Yeager's logbook, courtesy Jeff Harlow, CA

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According to reliable sources, the Falcons are the only aircraft Chuck Yeager personally owned, at least back then. He owned a Falcon UL and subsequently an XP. You may have seen it with the big Delco sticker. His trade mark were the words " Glamorous Glennis " in big script letters scrolled on each side of the nose. Glennis was his wife of course. The story goes that an overzealous salesman copied those markings on  number of Falcons in an effort to repeatedly sell " Chuck Yeager's personal airplane". Understandably Chuck was less than pleased when he found out about it. Occasionally I will get calls from shoppers telling me that they have the opportunity to buy Chuck Yeager's airplane only to find out that the log books are missing, probably taken by souvenir hunters. Buyers beware. Here however is an authentic logbook.    

Added January 2010

A recent addition to this page is the ad which ran back in the eighties, when Chuck Yeager was the spokesperson for the Falcons.  Submitted by Rob Rimbold, XP pilot from FL, thanks Rob.

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