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Camo Bird

This Falcon probably has the most interesting history that I know of. It was originally built by a dealer in Massachusetts. The story goes that this dealer's intent was to sell a number of properly outfitted Falcons to some third-world military interests. Outfitting meant camouflage paint, improved instrumentation and most of all, armament. It was equipped with two 22 cal. machine guns, one on each side. This dealer then associated himself with J. Gordon Liddy, of Watergate fame and they put on a demonstration for some foreign dignitaries off the New England coast. They made a number of strafing runs and destroyed  some foam targets. Unfortunately no sales materialized. " Not enough weapons".

I purchased it in '96 and made a number of repairs and improvements and flew it for some time. It flew perfectly after all the trim corrections were made. I also found some 22 cal shell casings in the bottom. I ultimately sold it to a fellow who flew it home to Maryland. Later on he sold it to someone who flew it to Mexico. Lost track of it after that. Makes a good drug runner. Camouflage paint was Italian version, glossy, with black, green and yellow. Very sharp.

Notice the white " T" behind the rear seat in the first picture, that was the machine gun mount.

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Camo with 3 ULs.jpg (338019 bytes)

August 2002, Just received this picture from the current owner in Mexico. His name is Cesar and he states that he installed a 582 and recovered it with Stits. ( emma

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