Bill Ling, Hirth, WA
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Bill Ling's UL with a Hirth engine


Bill has managed to install a Hirth single in his Falcon UL, looks like a very nice installation and the airplane looks like a shiny cream-puff as well. He's been up to 7500' with it and has well over 50 hours on the installation. Plans to do some soaring in WA.  It took a couple of years of working the bugs out and increasing the power from 22 to 32 hp via special cylinder and tuned exhaust plus tuning the Powerfin prop. If you look closely you will even see his innovative nose gear employing fiberglass rods.


Hirth left shot.jpg (128531 bytes)    Hirth right shot.jpg (122535 bytes)    Instruments.jpg (133368 bytes)

Shiny bird.jpg (112629 bytes)    Got gas.jpg (105038 bytes)

left front view.jpg (72090 bytes)

This aircraft was put up for sale December 2003, sold quickly