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Here are a few photo's of my Falcon UL. I got it off E-Bay in September 2000. It had a bent left wing that I wanted repaired. The project took on a life of it's own and ended up a total reconstruction. Everything was taken apart, rebuilt or replaced. New "zero time" engine, windshield, seat and seat cover, seat belts, instrument panel. The left leading edge was replaced with one that Mike Fithian had repaired, both trailing edges were replaced with .032 (upgraded from .020). The wings, elevators and rudders were covered with 1.7 oz ceconite, painted black for UV protection and finished in Dupont automobile paint. Replaced the old nylon elevator bearings with Delrin. Instrument panel has whisky compass, Airspeed, Altitude, RPM, CHT, EGT Hobbs and turn/slip indicator. Also included is a Garmin III on a RAM mount. The "whole package" flies real great and I am very happy with the completed project. Many thanks to Mike for his assistance.

As of October 2004 this aircraft became available for sale, click here for the classifieds 


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