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Allen Ross XP  N3151C

Here's a bit of his e-mail :

  If you are familiar with the EAA's Young Eagle program, I have flown 123
Young Eagles, although only 88 of them were flown in the Falcon. On May 24,
2002 my wife and I flew along with a couple of friends in their Challengers
to the Coastal airport (83J) in Pensacola FL for their annual Memorial Day
fly-in, a trip of 219 miles. While in Pensacola, I flew several members of
the Lite Blue Angels flying club and 3 Young Eagles. The person in the
picture that I am attaching was one of the Young Eagles and also the 500th
person to ride as a passenger with me since I got my private license in
October of 1995. I have 695 hours logged with 256.1 of them in the Falcon.

The kit, serial number 600142, came with a Rotax 503 with the belt drive,
but he sold that engine and bought a new 503 with a B box. He used the
Orion prop that came with the kit, but a pair of glasses that was left on
the wing during a preflight vibrated off and put a sizable nick in one prop
blade. I replaced the prop with an IVO ground adjustable 3 blade prop when
I bought the plane.  It now has a total time of 296.1 hours, and 12.3 hours
since it was torn down, decarboned, inspected, and rebuilt with new rings
and seals. It was running fine before the tear down, but I just felt that a
professional Rotax repair shop should check it out. I have been pleased
with the 503 but plan to change it to a 582 some day for added climb
performance. With 15 gallons of fuel and a passenger, it could use the
extra 15 HP in hot weather.

To my knowledge, there are only 2 Falcon XPs in Mississippi, but saw
another one at a fly-in once that is based somewhere in Louisiana. I am
hoping to fly it down to Sun-N-Fun this year, but will have to wait and see
if I can get enough time off work.  Do you know if there is ever a Falcon
fly-in anywhere?

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