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This Falcon UL modification essentially adds 6" mechanical brakes to both main wheels. The kit includes all additional parts needed for the installation. A single original brake lever is used to pull two separate cables to activate the calipers.  Braking is greatly improved and safety enhanced. This is an exchange type upgrade. Send in your axles, complete with wheels plus your brake lever

  UL assembly installed.jpg (96401 bytes)      UL assembly installed 2.jpg (51889 bytes)       UL brake mod2.jpg (113024 bytes) UL brake mod1.jpg (137181 bytes) UL Modified axles.jpg (282192 bytes) UL brake mod kit.jpg (82434 bytes)

       Exchange kit, send in your old axles and wheels receive assembly as shown.

A buyer's testimonial, by Pert Asiatico, January 06

Hi, Mike. It was warm down here today, around 68 deg.  Flew for about an hour after work.  Those brakes are really far more effective than the nose wheel pad. How well did they do? I was on the taxiway with 5 other GA aircraft waiting for our turn at take-off (it was a very nice day!), talk about stop and go driving.  Those brakes held me in place even at 3000 rpm's, and slowed me quickly on the landing roll-out.  Now, i can taxi around the airport without worry.  Again, thanks...



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