UL MX Brake Mod
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This Falcon UL modification essentially adds 7" mechanical disc brakes to both main wheels. The discs and related components are MX style mountain bike quality and discs are made of stainless steel. The kit includes all parts needed for the installation. A single brake lever is used to pull two separate cables to activate the calipers.  Braking is greatly improved and safety enhanced, strong enough to lock wheels during full power run-up. This is an exchange type upgrade. Send in your axles, complete with wheels. Expect 2 week turn-around time.

UL MX brakes1.jpg (112481 bytes)      UL MX brakes 2.jpg (79364 bytes)      UL MX brakes 3.jpg (115935 bytes)      UL MX brakes 4.jpg (133063 bytes)


Now available is a 6" wheel upgrade, for improved performance on rough terrain. Cost is an additional $ 100.00


Pictures to follow