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Falcon XP restoration. I originally built this Falcon XP in 91. During the last two years it received a major refurbishing with all the latest modifications and possible improvements. Examples: new fuselage, modified canopy for more space, spring loaded main gear, band drum brakes, oversize wheels, new latest Rotax 503 with E box, custom instrument panel with Taskem EFI multifunction instrument, Apollo GPS, Radio with intercom, mode C transponder; ELT, strobes, ceconite recovering, polyurethane paint.  Most of the new components came from N544AA.

 See N544AA. 

One of a kind.  Completed September 2002, It flies like a dream.

Sold to JMQ in October 2002


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Right front view.jpg (281797 bytes) N240XP Instruments.jpg (481599 bytes) Spring gear.jpg (54370 bytes)

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