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Ethan Noble UL with Custom Flip Windshield

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From Ethan's recent June 2003 e-mail

I certainly don't mind if you use the pics.  I have tons more if you need another angle or anything. If you can credit the idea, do so to Henry Schmidt (from USUA Club #6 in Jackson NJ). He gave me the idea and guidance on how specifically to do it.  He's been a huge help to me with many things.



and from an e-mail dated July 11 2003

I finally flew my falcon this past weekend for a couple hours.  She flew so smoothly.  The only thing I noticed is that she has a very slow roll response, especially if the turn isnít perfectly coordinated.  Other than that she was a gentle as a dove.  My airspeed was an average of about 63 MPH, and she floated in on landing perfectly.

The funny thing is that after all of that work making the rear canopy, flying open cockpit was so amazing I donít know if Iíll ever use it except when itís really cold.

I have her tied down at Central Jersey Regional Airport (47N) now, so as soon as I work out the couple little bugs I have, Iíll come up an visit!  Iíll be sure to let you know in advance and hopefully youíll be around.