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Falcon XP in MD , flying , top shape                                                           $ 20.000.00 OBO                                                                                               

Invested $ 26,000.00, 
>The plane has    several upgrades including Falcon East's spring nose gear and heater (not currently installed, but included). 
> It will come with the following components installed:
> Rotax 503 DCDI dual carb with oil injection (15 hours)
> Rotax E gearbox with electric starter
> IVO Prop ground adjustable composite prop
> Strobe
> Powersonic 18aH gel battery
> Airspeed
> Hobbs hour meter
> Dual EGT / Dual CHT
> Altimeter
> Vertical card compass
> Hot box electrical box with regulator/rectifier and starter solenoid
> 12v receptacle
> Mad Max hydraulic brakes
> 406 Mhz ELT
> 15 gallon poly tank with primer loop
> 4 quarts of Pennzoil 2 stroke aircraft oil
> Lots of spares
>Manuals and documents

> I also have a custom built trailer that fits the wings and fuselage. I have used the trailer to transport the plane several thousand miles with no problems. It is aluminum with 3/4" plywood decking, has working lights and 4 new tires for $1000.
> Wings professionally recovered by JB Aero & Son 3 years ago and has been hangared ever since.
> Current registration
> Current annual expires 07/2015
> The plane is currently located at Martin State Airport, Maryland (KMTN).
>  I have spent over $26,000 plus lots of time, but am just looking to move to an IFR airplane.
> Cortlandt Sener ,

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see also


Falcon UL , ready to go, BC, Canada,                   $ 3500.00

The airplane is ready to fly, and the engine runs great.

It is in White Rock, BC, Canada, and is for local pickup and sale only.

Here's the info:

- Rotax 277 2-Stroke engine
- Single seat
-Flyable on Ultra-light permit or higher
- Canard
- Made in 1979

Fabric on wings was recently done, so they have another 10-15 years of life on them.

The aircraft is in great condition!

Comes with a maintenance log � big plus!

People can contact me at 1-778-318-5906, or at my email

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This one belonged to a Falcon owner, so I chose to list it for him:

Jenny JN-4 Biplane 2/3 Scale Replica in NM.        $ 8500.00

Rotax 612 (74hp) 2 cylinder, 2 stroke, liquid cooled engine.  Approximately 40 hrs total flying time on engine. Has a starter , sensitive altimeter, compass, engine gages: coolant temperature, cgt and egt.  Has 2 way radio transceiver and headset with antenna built into airplane.  Radio range is about 30 miles. Uses a wooden propeller and heel brakes.  Fuselage and wings are airplane fabric over aluminum.  Maintenance manual included.  Top Speed 70 mph. Range 30 miles.  See video at . Always hangared. $8,500.  

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Falcon XP with Rotax 618 in Mexico,                            $    20,000.00

From Karlo Fedorenko  from Mexico,

the airplane is in Chapala Mexico, in a hangar. for more information my email is

Falcon XP No Serie 600129

Fabricante American Aerolight

Planeador Motorizado Fabricante U.S.A

Top Speed MPH 100

Cruise MPH 80

Stall MPH 35

Ceiling  16,500

L/D 18-1

E Weight LB 500

G Weight LB 1050

Wing Span  36

2 Seat

Kevlar Fuselage

Aluminum wings with Stits covering



SMOH 1994

Motor Rotax 618 (74) HP
Price 20,000.00 dlls

 44952_1227854746[1].jpg (766169 bytes)  Federenko.jpg (101704 bytes)   img119.jpg (307572 bytes)   



Falcon XP with Trailer in GA                                                $ 12.000.-


Falcon XP for sale.

I purchased my Falcon XP in May 1988 as a kit.  My son and
I built it over the next 14 months and flew it for the first
time in August 1989.  The aircraft and engine have been flown
for 30 hours. The aircraft had a minor ground incident with
my son taxiing it which dented the leading edge and the canard.
These parts were replaced with brand new factory parts.

Besides the aircraft, I also built an all steel trailer for it.
The trailer measures 6 feet 3 inches by 18 feet by 8 feet with a
fiberglass extension for the root tab. The trailer has a let-down
ramp for loading and unloading the aircraft together with a winch
enabling one person to put the aircraft away.  I also installed a
trolley system for taking the wings in and out of the trailer.
The system is arranged so that one person can assemble or disassemble
the aircraft. However it goes much easier and quicker with two.

In the fall of 1989 I got the chance to buy a Cessna 172 for a
astonishing bargain.  The Falcon XP was stored in the trailer and
was not flown again until 2011. At that time I found time to be
able to fully restore the Falcon to tip-top condition and I flew it
for a half-hour. Since then it has again been stored.

Having been some 25 years with the original Tedlar wing covering,
it is recommended that a new wing covering job be done before
considering it airworthy. In spirit with the original idea of a
home built aircraft, I am leaving this for the new owner (at a
much reduced price).

I have all the factory drawings, construction instructions, operations
and maintence handbooks, and generally all supporting documents.

My asking price for both the Falcon XP and trailer is $12,000.00.
I live near Atlanta Georgia.

Ron Shenk

edFalconRunway-8bit.jpg (98667 bytes)   FlyingFalcon-8bit.jpg (224591 bytes)   trailerOpen-8.jpg (156770 bytes)


One-of-a-kind Falcon 2000  in TX                             asking $ 18,750.00 OBO

Falcon 2000 is now for sale,  see it in DREAM FALCON PAGE 
Carbon fiber, Kevlar construction, Hydraulic Heel Brakes, EIS, Altimeter, AS indicator, compass, 15 gal wing tank, wing pods.  TTAF 175 hours, TT Rotax 503 11 hours. BRS chute. Flies great, just like a Falcon.                          Contact John Norman at

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1988 Falcon XP  in DE                                                           asking $10.000

Falcon XP 1988, SN:9005, N103XP, 150 Hrs total time, Rotax 503, Dual Carbs, , B box, Elec start, Hobbs meter, Heater, Lights, Day/Night, VFR Cert, Spare Parts, Rotax Tools, All Manuals, Asking 10 k.  Tom Henry ,                 email:                                         302-228-8170

MVC-112S.JPG (34142 bytes)  MVC-113S.JPG (34158 bytes)   MVC-114S.JPG (33501 bytes)   MVC-115S.JPG (29488 bytes)   MVC-116S.JPG (32818 bytes)   MVC-117S.JPG (60090 bytes)  MVC-123S.JPG (31305 bytes)


Falcon XP-B w 582, in Peru                                                         $ 20.000.00

FALCON XPB Build in year 2003 from new kit.
MY EMAIL IS phone 511 3306043 office hours from 9am to 6 pm.
100_1317.jpg (1385274 bytes)     100_1321.jpg (1275699 bytes)     100_1323.jpg (1460810 bytes)     100_1331.jpg (1255965 bytes)

This aircraft was originally purchased as an un-built kit from Falcon East in February 2000 and was subsequently shipped to Lima Peru and assembled by the current owner, Jesus Rafael Lopez. Pictures to follow.  

XP Project, sale or trade for Falcon  103 UL,                      $ 5500.-    L.A. CA

88 Falcon XP less engine package. Disassembled, ready for painting, wings need recovering .  Registered, N 2586-   Great airplane, no time to finish, want to fly. 

file000.jpeg (71974 bytes)  Scalise 2.jpg (97255 bytes)  Scalise 4 .jpg (113697 bytes)  Scalise 5.jpg (105314 bytes)  Scalise 6.jpg (110384 bytes)  Scalise 7 .jpg (108031 bytes)



Falcon UL for sale 

Falcon UL. 277 rotax. damaged in wind storm.. this falcon was flown regular until the storm. a complete inspection of the wings for damage should be  done . struts are being replaced.  $2,000 OBO. Casimir krul, tel: (239)694 1766  Fort Meyers Fl.

File Photoscascrul.jpg (158152 bytes)   cascrul1.jpg (140439 bytes)   crulcockpit.jpg (116789 bytes)



Solaris 001. prototype.  Price Reduced to $ 3000.- plus spare rebuilt 447 Rotax. 

Rotax 447 SC. Runs good but hours unknown, same for airframe.  Wings recently cropped by four feet and skinned with aluminum. Sprung steerable non retract nosewheel. Wheel pants. Hydraulic bike brakes not yet fitted. open cockpit with cover.       Flies okay. Will be reluctantly sold as parts for recon/registration. NO warranty implied or given.  Peter 321 268 5856. Titusville Florida  


 Click here to link to the Dream Falcon Page featuring the Solaris 

1999 UXP2 in Brazil                                                                asking $ 20,000.00

1999 FALCON AIR UXP2 FOR SALE. Total Time Since New 300 hours. First Hand. Build in 1999, manufactured in Brasil, wings recovering with DACRON, equiped with ROTAX 532 rebuild engine 64 HP. Serial Number JLU01.

On trailer, no damage, flies great, registered as experimental with Brasilian PU number. It has EGT/CHT, Airspeed, Altimeter, Vertical Indication, Magnetic Compas,  radio, 1 headsets Telex 500, GPS. Eletric Fuel Pump, Navigation Lights (C210), Canard all metal with slat . Full comand, ground and in flight for Pilot and pax. Disc Brake in the main wheals. Always Hangared, located in Brazil. Please contact Joao Elias in Brazil, San Pablo - + 5511 - 9270-0356 or can e-mail me at
Asking Price $ 20.000,oo 

Joao Elias 1.jpg (64108 bytes)     Joao Elias 2.jpg (76439 bytes)     Joao Elias 3.jpg (73408 bytes)     Joao Elias 5.jpg (153743 bytes)    

Joao Elias 4.jpg (82301 bytes)

Some follow-up questions and answers:

We copied all from an OLD kit, but made same modifications to improve and custom our plane.
As you see have full comand for pilot and passanger, you can comand from de rear seat, power, winglets, ailerons, and the nose gear. Only the brakes have one comand in the front seat.
We made with the same materials, but the wings and winglets are clothes with DACRON. We put navigation lights using C-310 navigation lights, we buy an used ROTAX 532 and rebuild complete before put in the plane, we put an electrical fuel pump too.
We start our project in january 1998, and finished in Dezember 1999, we live near EMBRAER FACTORY was easy to find peoples to help us to work on it, there are many people working with aviation here.
We made the registration as an amateur construction like an experimental Ultralight plane Called FALCONAIR UXP2, because here the name FALCON is a trade mark from FALCON JET PLANES.
We made all the project with an aeronautical engenier who made official project for the Aviation Civil Department of Brazil and the control of the construction. Them we fly 50 hours in order to test the plane in many conditions. All was OK.
The project is very expensive, and we don�t have contidions to start with another construction, but was a fantastic experience, build and fly our plane.
Today I�m going too sail by water, I�ts time to sell the plane and buy a boat.


1984 UL, $ CDN 6000, Canada

FALCON UL FOR SALE  Manufactured by America AC,  MODEL falcon ul  SERIAL NUMBER 5001.39  MANUFACTERED DATE  April 1984,   Always been hangered, approximate flying time  150 hours.  MOTOR  277 Rotax.  Basic instruments,  No damage. Condition in and out, 8 out of 10. COLOR  white with clear tedlar  Located in Western /Canada near US border.  Note.. A PLEASURE TO FLY.
PRICE $6000 Canadian..  Contact Roy at 250  547 6211 or leave an Email message at
A picture can be sent upon request.



Falcon UL Project, disassembled, but complete. With trailer.   $ 2800.00

Falcon ultralight parts for sale with trailer. enough to complete the ultralight rebuild, including the 277and b-box, most parts are original. Wings with up tip rudder mod. Flew great, and to the best of my knowledge it hasn't crashed. Located in southern Idaho price is $2,800 call 208-938-9479 or 208-921-5036


'85 UL                                                                                         $ 7000.00

1985 Falcon UL. Complete rebuild in 2002. New 277 engine with only 47 hours. Wings have upgraded trailing edge and are cloth covered with Dupont paint. New seat and seatbelts. New instrument panel. Airspeed, Altimeter, CHT, EGT, Turn/Slip, Ram mount for Garmin GPSIII (GPS not included). 2004 "Best Lightplane" winner at EAA 501Fly-in. Located in Middletown, NY , Randall Airport, (06N)
Asking $7000.00 

Click here for link to Bill Estes UL page 

Custom UL with Hirth

Falcon Custom UL, with a 30hp Hirth with 3 blade Powerfin, 95 hrs on engine, 140 TT,  original tedlar, ( always hangared) . Comes with wing covers for canard and main wings....winter variometer dual egt ..cylinder temp and engine exhaust temp gauge..slip indicater , Airspeed tach,  Hobbs, Strobes, 1999 750 BRS chute..front wheel mod and yoke steering and is a delight to contact number is by phone area code fax number is cellular number is 1-604-626-2728 ,       I live within 5 miles of the us and canadian border on the west coast and twenty mile,s form the city of vancouver the airplane is currently canadian registered as india charlie tango zulu, ;located in BC. 

Hirth right shot.jpg (122535 bytes)     Shiny bird.jpg (112629 bytes)      Got gas.jpg (105038 bytes)

Click here to see the rest in the UL OWNER'S SECTION

( Currently on hold- being repaired from hurricane damage )

86 Falcon XP with trailer ( Lou Rotax 503E,  340 hrs TT, original tedlar, on trailer, no damage, flies great, registered as experimental with N number.  It has EGT/CHT, Airspeed, Altimeter, Vertical Indication, radio, two headsets, ballistic shoot, GPS.
Miami, Fl.  Asking $11,000.00

scan0003.jpg (128940 bytes)  scan0004.jpg (249179 bytes)  scan0009.jpg (327057 bytes)   scan0043.jpg (871110 bytes)



SOLD Section

This section is designed to give you an idea what Falcons have recently been selling for. 

1985 UL                                                                         $ 6500.00

1985 Falcon UL  with 340 Kawasaki watercooled engine with gear drive. Only 4 hrs TT on engine. Oil injection. Spare same engine, plus spare belt drive setup. Standard instruments, chute. Flying, always hangared. Asking $ 6500.00

Call Keith in Oak Harbor, OH at 419 898 2973        

Reidmeier 1.jpg (81854 bytes)    Reidmeier 2.jpg (281199 bytes)    Reidmeier 3.jpg (204852 bytes)  


Falcon UL Mold   in CA                    $ 1200.00 reduced to $ 650.00

Please email me at if interested or if you have any questions

mold_3.png (209222 bytes)      mold.png (175115 bytes)     mold_1.png (194451 bytes)



Falcon XP in UT, flying                        asking $ 12,500.00

Falcon XP, 318 hours TT, New Ceconite cover and paint, new aileron control bushings, new canopy, 2" wider armrest modification, all aluminum surfaces are polished. Plane is in excellent condition, ready to fly, registered, just needs annual. Built by Utah State College Professor. Logs are lost. Lost medical, must sell reluctantly.

Call 435-979-2527 days, and 435-678-2888 evenings, Johnny,

Dufur1.jpg (159684 bytes)   Dufur2.jpg (140396 bytes)   Dufur3.jpg (168904 bytes)   Dufur4.jpg (152160 bytes)   Dufur5.jpg (114557 bytes)




Falcon UL in NM. flying                               $4500.00              

Falcon Ultralight  in NM.  Kevlar body, custom windshield and enclosed fuselage.  Rotax 227 engine, 50 hrs SMOH.  Nose wheel brake. Airspeed, sensitive altimeter, compass CHT and EGT instruments included.  Streamlined struts and landing gear legs. Custom exhaust.   Rudder-up mod. $4,500.

Sylvia Livingston.jpg (404041 bytes)

see it on youtube:


UL with trailer, flying, in KY                            $ 7000.00

Selling Falcon UL ultralight. This was a rebuild project I got in to 8
years ago, but have no room for it any longer. The aircraft is a
Canard with a 36' foot wing span. The Rotax 277 aircraft engine was
recently built and has only 3 hours of flight time. The aircraft comes
with a 14' open trailer with directional lights for hauling and
storing. Wings detach from the aircraft and attach easily to the
trailer for hauling and storage purposes. Front and MX rear disc
braking system. Emergency parachute is a BRS 455 Ballistic Parachute.
Parachute is past due for emergency parachute inspection and will
require a repack.

This aircraft is hanger kept to prevent environmental damages and is
in pristine working condition.

Asking $7,000.


- Canard Aircraft
- Rotax 277 engine (3hrs flight time use)
- Competition Aircraft Carbon Fiber Composite Propeller
- BRS 455 Ballistic Parachute
- 14' open trailer with directional lights.
- Front and mono rear disc braking system.
- 5 Gallon Gas Tank
- Icom aviation transceiver and mic helmet.
- Lowrance GlobalMap 100 Handheld GPS Receiver

Control Panel - All Westach Gauges and products

- Altimeter
- Air Speed
- Barometer
- Fuel Level
- Tachometer
- Cylinder Head Temperature
- Exhaust Gas Temp / Pyrometer

Link to Jerry's page in the UL Owner's section:

falcon004.jpg (1237458 bytes)  falcon007.jpg (1222007 bytes)  falcon008.jpg (1386158 bytes)   Picture 013.jpg (1021758 bytes)   Picture 014.jpg (915261 bytes)   Picture 015.jpg (892514 bytes)   PlaneParts_3.jpg (493081 bytes)   PlaneTrailer_1.jpg (444328 bytes)   Shelton 1.jpg (140956 bytes)   Shelton 2.jpg (27805 bytes)   Shelton 3.jpg (21546 bytes)   Shelton 5.jpg (178938 bytes)   


Falcon UL Project. OR                                            $ 500.00

Falcon Ul for sale, damaged from ground loop. Near complete, fuselage damaged & some repairs effected, but structural integrity is questionable. Starboard wingtip bent, prop & clutch destroyed. Includes single cylinder engine, landing gear.  Canard has been rebuilt, but the presence of an aluminum yardstick riveted into it does not inspire confidence. Tedlar covered but not recommending it for flight. Cannot verify condition of engine. Great parts plane, otherwise good project.
Wayne Moss
541 579 3804
Eugene. Oregon, USA


Falcon XP with trailer in IN        reduced to $ 17,900
Falcon XP, N852HH.  Freshly built in 2007. 
Airframe hours: 13
Rotax 503 hours: 33
Electric start
Ducati Ignition
*TRAILER INCLUDED (your own persnal mobile hangar)
GPS (handheld)
BRS included, but not installed
Brand new fuel system
15 Gallon tank
Hydrualic Brakes
New tires
Intercom system
Altimeter, VSI, Airspeed indicator, Dual CHT, EGT, Tach, turn bank indicator.

All build documentation, and manuals including pilot log all included. Don't take the risk of flying with the dangerous Tedlar and tape.  This Falcon XP has been completely recovered in Ceconite.  Always hangared.  Amazing condition.  Everything works perfect!  You will not find a nicer Falcon XP for sale properly certified with all the correct FAA paperwork anywhere in the US!  Located in Columbia City, Indiana. Bring a truck, and trailor it home.
Here is a youtube link to a video I took of the Falcon XP on a flight>
Email Ben at; for questions.

100_2731.JPG (103070 bytes)     100_2814.JPG (73987 bytes)     100_2733.JPG (82375 bytes)     100_3292.JPG (55001 bytes)    100_3311.jpg (33403 bytes)  IMG_8624.JPG (180835 bytes)IMG_8585.JPG (163535 bytes)      IMG_8593.JPG (172354 bytes)


One-of a-kind XP with 582 and trailer in CA  reduced to $ 17.000.00

�Estate Sale� A beautiful Falcon XP. Flies beautifully! 582 Rotax dual ignition producing 64h.p. New 4 blade Power-fin ground adjustable propeller. This Falcon went through a complete overhaul.
$3,000.00 white pearlescent paint with decal. New wiring. All cables and pulleys replaced. New hydraulic brakes. New forward tilting custom cantilever canopy. Perfect C.G. balance. Wheel pants. Extra clean engine mounting with interior radiator plus electric cooling fan with on/off switch (as needed). This engine
has a type �C� gear box. Electric start, Hobbs, A/S indicator, CHT, EGT, RPM, voltage meter, altimeter, air speed, variometer, turn bank indicator, and compass. Wings have new Tedlar covering and tape. Polished D-tubes- very rare. One small �ding� on leading edge of wing - covered by decorative tape.  A new custom 23 gal. fuel tank has been installed. All of this - PLUS - a custom, fully enclosed trailer, insulated, with counter weight ramp. A MUST see. Offered at $19,000 OBO. Please email me at if interested or if you have any questions

Falcon_1.png (590372 bytes)  Falcon_2.png (585997 bytes)  Falcon_3.png (452438 bytes)  Falcon_and_Trailer.png (284920 bytes)   Falcon_4.png (213950 bytes)

Click here for a link to his youtube movie


Falcon XP project in MO- less engine package                                       $ 3,500.-

Falcon XP,   N118SE , serial # AMLXP1000,  It has been reinforced with fiberglass inside..A new 15 gal  gas tank...ALL cable pulleys of plastic have been replaced with metal pulleys with bearings...The wings have been covered with 3.? dope and fabric the fuse is redone and painted...all new lexan canopy...loaded with instruments...Whelan strobes...Flown it off the ground 2 feet then back down handled solid but because I'm not had any experience with this type of aircraft I didn't want to hurt it. it has one small ding on the canard and I chose to put chrome tape on the leading edge and it looks good ..MY paint job looks really cool but up close it needs someone to touch up the paint where the tape pulled some paint off in a spot 1 inch long in places...this has been a 1 & a half year project . N118SE. Recently removed engine package for another project. 

DSC01017.jpg (109865 bytes)     DSC01018.jpg (88855 bytes)     DSC01024.jpg (78035 bytes)     DSC01025.jpg (93537 bytes)


Falcon XP Project in MI                          $ 3500.00         OBO

EAA Chapter 865 in Niles MI, has a Falcon XP kit for sale. Included are:
Assembly manual, built up ribs, leading edge spars, built canard, fuselage, partial landing gear, partial control surfaces, some but not all parts to finish airframe. It appears that the wing was partially assembled at one time.  Shipping to be negotiated with buyer, 18' each wing spar. $3500.00 or will consider offers. More pictures on request.
Call Ralph: 269-684-0972, Email:

P1030587.JPG (1295129 bytes)   tires.jpg (613484 bytes)    Wing.jpg (1622907 bytes)   hardware2.jpg (651656 bytes)   IMG_0355.JPG (1001018 bytes)   IMG_0358.JPG (1542587 bytes)   rudder pedals.jpg (700085 bytes)   FuelTank.jpg (498990 bytes)   IMG_0365.JPG (345327 bytes)   canard.jpg (551194 bytes)  fusalage2.jpg (596781 bytes)



Falcon UL with 377 Rotax- 72hrs TT in OR             $ 5500.00 OBO

I am offering for sale this Falcon UL with a 377 Rotax and 72 hours total time. It features electric start, full instrumentation, new paint, decals and upholstery. The back of the fuselage has been reinforced with fiberglass spars and engine mount to accommodate extra weight. I bought this Falcon a little over six years ago when I lived and worked at Grant County Regional Airport in John Day Oregon. No sooner had I bought it when I had to move to LaGrange a town notorious for its winds and quite frankly I feel they are too treacherous for this aircraft, that is, for someone of my limited experience.  The wonderful folks I bought the plane from were both competent in Hang Gliders and Soaring aircraft but I have never flown it. I am therefore offering it for sale and am asking $5,500 or best offer�.Ken 541 786 8021
IMG_0536.JPG (373991 bytes)  
IMG_0537.JPG (426908 bytes)   IMG_0538.JPG (493374 bytes)   IMG_0539.JPG (403668 bytes)   IMG_0541.JPG (460453 bytes)   IMG_0546.JPG (402144 bytes)   IMG_0547.JPG (402896 bytes)    IMG_0545.JPG (431137 bytes)


Falcon UL in Ontario                          $ 1500.00


I have a Falcon UL for sale. $1,500 near Ottawa, Ont., Canada

-Rotax 277
-IVO 3-blade prop
-needs to be recovered before flight
-some other minor repairs
-no damage from wind or other
-low flight hours

Kurtis Galbraith1.jpg (582957 bytes)     Kurtis Galbraith2.jpg (458014 bytes)     Kurtis Galbraith3.jpg (456983 bytes)



Winter project Falcon UL in Canada                                         asking $ 2500

Falcon UL, completely overhauled over the last two years with new wing covers, instrument panel, and more. Rotax 277 with electric start (a rare feature, which effectively turns the plane into a motor glider). Always hangared, little flown, and well maintained. 

Very recently, the front wheel broke off after a bad landing and the fuselage got damaged. The plane now requires repair involving Kevlar/Fibreglas work, and fixes to the nose wheel and control of the elevators. Everything else is still in good shape. 

I sell because I don't have the time to fix it (I barely had the time to fly it). The plane flies beautifully and needs an owner who has more time to enjoy it. Registered as a basic UL in Canada. Located

 in Kingston, Ontario. Asking $2,500

.forSale.JPG (143992 bytes),   613 530 3614


UL for parts     in AL                                                                                  Make offer

After bad landing due to strong winds, which caused extensive damage, I have the remains up  for sale. Good for spares or restoration project. Fuselage damaged, but repairable, left wing badly damaged, right wing rebuildable, canard rebuildable, both rudders are good, just redone in Stits, 8 gal aluminum tank with new VDO sending unit also SS marine filler neck with fire resistant hoses, wheels, wing braces, custom built steerable nose wheel that works great, what's left of the fuselage, lot of good parts, make offer.

   Falconparts004.jpg (1813628 bytes)   Falconparts005.jpg (673952 bytes)   Falconparts006.jpg (1444735 bytes)   Falconparts007.jpg (956439 bytes) , 256 630 5327


Rare, one-of-a kind XP -B for Sale                              $ 17,500-      New York

                                                                                            Includes open trailer 

New 503 Rotac DCDI and 2.58:1 gear box and Powerfin 3 blade grd adj prop, all with less than 35 hrs . Ceramic coated exhaust and new custom alum 18gal fuel tank and battery box with new SLA-18AH battery. Re-juvinated Ceconite wing and rudder covering and painted Juneau White. Main wing has Frise type ailerons below the wing and canard is alum skinned with airfoil alum elevator. All wiring redone and includes new strobes and relay for landing light with new fuse panel, toggles and dual mag starter switch.

New ELT c/w panel switch, new dual EGT-CHT gauges, new fuel gauge and sending unit, and new tach c/w hour meter, along with original perfectly working ASI, VSI, ALT and compass.
New throttle/choke quadrant with new cables and brake lever, park brake for hydraulic brakes.
New tires and wheel bearings. Wheelpants. 
New Icom A200 transceiver and Sigtronics intercom with 2 sets headphones.
Canopy is newer 2 door version in good shape. 
New nose-wheel hole cover and wing-gap cover.
Condition inspection done Jan 2010. 
Open trailer with new paint, decking and tires.
Will include some pictures but may have to send a few E-mails for the pictures.
I can be reached at 516-398-4894 or

100_0258.JPG (2189201 bytes)  100_0261.JPG (2204187 bytes)  100_0313.JPG (2170500 bytes)  100_0317.JPG (2192998 bytes)  100_0319.JPG (2170291 bytes)  100_0320.JPG (2196215 bytes)



Falcon UL in WI                                                                             asking $ 6000.00

  Falcon U/L 500161 for sale. It has many mods and is a great 103 legal flyer.I have wheelpants for it but not on. Has a 80hrs old rebuild on motor, new wire harness complete, plug at engine end. new fuel lines and tank seals,new bearings in redrive,and belt,new ultraprop,thrutube bushings upgrade,rear bulkhead mod landing gear mount point carbon fiber/epoxy reinforced,motor opening reinforced,hall asi,cht,egt,tach,wiskey compass,new just done (not yet back together) stits/stewarts wings in U/Vcoat(grey) I flew nearly daily last summer. Plane is in Hartford Wi. on HXF
    Steve Madsen       1-414-610-2715

     See Steve's Falcon on these You tube links:

087.JPG (1143264 bytes)   096.JPG (531446 bytes)    gyropicsFalconpicsandFamilypics.007.jpg (729089 bytes)   gyropicsFalconpisandFamilypics.103.jpg (782556 bytes)


Falcon UL Project with trailer                            SOLD at $ 2000.00 for quick sale 


Only about 60 hrs TT . 10 hours since CD ignition mod and B-Box update by Airscrew.   Stored in enclosed trailer all its life, second owner for 15 years.  Rotax 277,  Brushed chrome ceramic exhaust, carb air heater, primer setup. Original Orion prop, prop balancer, instruments as shown on pictures, plus tiny tach, BRS chute, good windshields.  Wings need recovering plus some ribs replaced due to mice, fuselage should be reinforced and bulkhead mod installed. Trailer need new wheels and roof needs sealing. Good trailer papers.  Sold AS IS.  Cam Vickers, Clinton, CT. 

UL for sale 001.jpg (1659431 bytes)     UL for sale 003.jpg (1670249 bytes)     UL for sale 004.jpg (1768947 bytes)    UL for sale 006.jpg (2572199 bytes)     UL for sale 007.jpg (2045859 bytes)   UL for sale.jpg (1468928 bytes)


FALCON UL                                                                                            $ 3000.00

Falcon  UL with 277 Rotax, engine not running. Eng & airframe time unknown. All surfaces were re taped in 04. Had mishap landing in 05 with all repairs completed  but re surface of canard. Has aluminum seat mod, Bulk head stiffener mod. Replaced gas tank. Has mini tach, airspeed & cylinder head temp instruments. Have wheel pants but not installed. Always been hangared.
Contact Hal at 901-385-8863 or Email at Have more pictures on request.
Asking $3000 OBO.

                                                                           Hal White 1.jpg (61154 bytes)     Hal White 2.jpg (1163045 bytes)     Hal White 3.jpg (1310019 bytes)


Falcon UL for sale

I have a Falcon Ultra Light for sale.  Minor damage to the wingtips,  The wings need recovering and a windshield.  Has a 3 blade propeller - new.  277 fan cooled engine, new Falcon East nose gear installed.  Price $ 2,400.00.  Call 931-738-5776



Falcon XP Project                                        Price Reduced to $ 6500 !!!!

 Airframe has 410 hours TT.

New Rotax 503 DC/DI engine included, but not yet mounted to replace original (same type) engine.  Airplane was undergoing an overhaul when I switched to a new project.  Wings are covered in Ceconite, which should probably be replaced now due to age.  Main landing gear is single piece spring aluminum, manufactured to order by Grove Aircraft, and houses new Hegar brakes.  Nose gear is now sprung, non-retractable castering.  Steering is by differential braking.  Parachute repacked by 2nd Chantz, the manufacturer, when overhaul began in 1998.  Capacitance fuel gague.  Work remaining to be done includes mounting strobes, mounting new windscreen (already cut to size), wiring, re-covering wings, mounting engine and its oil tank, re-painting and mounting wheel fairings.

Project is in a storage unit in Bradenton Florida. Contact

Bob Rimbold (1).jpg (49260 bytes)  Bob Rimbold (2).jpg (40657 bytes)   Bob Rimbold (3).jpg (62576 bytes)   Bob Rimbold (4).jpg (44127 bytes)   Bob Rimbold (5).jpg (34066 bytes)   Bob Rimbold.jpg (30905 bytes)


NEW '86 Falcon XP Kit for Sale///// SOLD within one month

Just arrived: the last and one and only known UN-BUILT NEW XP KIT left in the world. Kit was stored in CA and later moved to AZ, now here in NY. Very good condition, no signs of age. Kit is complete - with original Rotax 503 DCSI, 2:58:1 B box, Warp drive Propeller, manual, Tedlar, all well preserved. Hegar wheels and hydraulic brakes.  ( no BRS) . Asking $ 11500.-, or $ 10,000.- without engine. Can also credit $ 500.- for Tedlar if not wanted. 845 528 8940

New Listing January 2008                                       SOLD IMMEDIATELY

1987 XP for Sale                                                 

Falcon XP finished & certified in the Experimental Category in 1987.  632 hrs airframe; 183 hrs SMOH on Rotax 503 DCSI.  CDI ignition conversion. R&D aerosports stainless steel tuned exhaust increases HP approx. 10 hp.  3-blade inflight adjustable Ivoprop.  Full set basic flight instruments plus VSI, Dual CHT & EGT, Digital Tach, Hobbs meter, Delcom Air 960 Txcvr & Delcom Air 960 receiver, intercom,electric trim, and dual strobes.  Regularly flown and always hangered at KHWY, Warrenton, VA.  Original Tedlar and aircraft in good condition.  Contact John Schiele at  Asking $5000.00.  Must pickup at KHWY.

DCP_0004.JPG (316279 bytes) DCP_0009.JPG (308381 bytes)  DCP_0010.JPG (305534 bytes)  DCP_0019.JPG (310352 bytes)  DCP_0026.JPG (313714 bytes)  DCP_0038.JPG (307258 bytes)





New Listing September 2008  SOLD immediately

Falcon UL project- wind damage

I bought this ultra light that had wing damage due to the tie down straps braking during a storm. I worked on one wing this winter and it is ready to recover (buyer will get fabric and glue). I started the other wing this spring and have just lost interest as time has passed, this wing will still need the front edge done before recovering. There is a small area back by the engine that will need a fiberglass patch as it is cracked

Clyde Williams 2.jpg (229205 bytes)  Clyde Williams 3.jpg (330540 bytes)    Clyde Williams 4.jpg (190709 bytes)   Clyde Williams 7.jpg (293941 bytes)   Clyde Williams 8.jpg (289936 bytes)  Clyde William 1.jpg (463524 bytes)

I have the Falcon manuals and some other publications with information about the Falcon.

Engine is 277 Rotax (little over 100 hours since rebuild) /brand new Bing carburetor

Full instrument panel / with gauges

Band brakes

Steerable nose wheel / retractable nose wheel

Extra prop blades

I have always kept it inside

Clyde Williams

Located in Mountain Home Arkansas 72653




New Listing, March 2007-- Sold in September 2007

For sale:

Two 1985 Falcon XP�s + trailer  One flying, one in need of repair.  $15,000 for all three.

1. Flying Falcon

Rotax 503 DCI, 100 hrs total

E box, three blade prop

Polyfiber covered wings, canard and rudders


2. Repairable Falcon

Wings need to be covered.

Fiberglass work on fuselage

Landing gear repair

Rotax 503 dual points

B box

Contact: Joe Kleemann for photo�s

So. Oregon �Medford�


Cell 973-8648

falconadd.jpg (20704 bytes)



New Listing, July 2006 . Sold  November 2007 

Corky's Falcon UL with all the mods available. $ 7500.-

He really does not want to sell it, but a change in his life style makes it necessary. He will be cruising the seas with with his new Catamaran and this really does not mix with aviation. Reluctantly he will sell his beautiful UL with all the modifications possible: Just to list a few:  Solid spring-loaded nose gear with oversize tire. The latest main wheel brakes, based on mountain bike brakes, see picture; .032 trailing edges, installed when it was recovered with Tedlar two years ago; chute-in-wing modification; heater with optional full enclosure; improved instrument panel; up-down rudder  modification; Also repainted 2 years ago, re-covered, 277 engin e rebuilt, and so on. Located at our Orange County, NY airport, (MGJ), about an hour north of NYC. 

Contact him on 203 431-6032 ( CT)

Link to Corky on UL Owner's page 

Corky1.jpg (679307 bytes) Corky2.jpg (737695 bytes) Corky3.jpg (432555 bytes) Corky4.jpg (429488 bytes)  002_023_0003.JPG (295909 bytes) Chuteinwing.jpg (1214181 bytes) 



Listed November 2007  

SOLD February 2008

     98 XP $ 8000,  trailer $ 2000, package $9950.- OBO

 Falcon XP , completed in 1998, 503 Rotax, belt drive, 4 blade Ultraprop, TT 42 hours, Altimeter, AS, Rate-of-climb, Compass, CHT, Tach. Parachute not installed, but included, Wings covered with nylon type fabric, good for 20 years. Complete with 2003 enclosed trailer.  Trailer has top rail with roller trolley to permit one-man wing unloading.  573-348-4654 evenings and weekends.  

Trade for Warrior, Cessna, Ercouple, Aero commander Lark, etc?


     Ron Beller 5.jpg (659327 bytes)   Ron Beller 2.jpg (646371 bytes)   Ron Beller 4.jpg (782136 bytes)   Ron Beller 6.jpg (188950 bytes)   Ron Beller 3.JPG (92892 bytes)


Instrument_Panel.jpg (127976 bytes)     Cockpit.JPG (637254 bytes)      RearView.JPG (698496 bytes)  Data plate.jpg (690079 bytes)


Removed from FOR SALE section March 2007 , currently being restored, will advise when completed. 

1986 Falcon XP 503 rotax with B gear box 98 hours old I am the second owner. The wings need's  to be recover otherwise ready to fly again , The nose wheel has been change into fixed position , Hydraulic brakes, 3 new tires and tubes, Los Angeles area

Scalise1.jpg (110789 bytes)   Scalise 2.jpg (97255 bytes)  Scalise 3.jpg (113308 bytes)  Scalise 4 .jpg (113697 bytes)  Scalise 5.jpg (105314 bytes)  Scalise 6.jpg (110384 bytes)  Scalise 7 .jpg (108031 bytes)  

New Listing, June 2006, sold November for 10K

Falcon XP, $ 12,000 with trailer, Oklahoma. 

Falcon-XP - built 1984, rebuild 1992.  Rotax 503 DC with Airscrew Performance CDI.  Powerfin Ground Adjustable Prop,   20 gal gas tank.  Complete with Trailer.  Retractable nose gear needs repair or to fly LSP switch to fixed.  No other repairs needed.  Tapes and Tedlar in great shape.  Always hangared.  Great flyer.  Located KSWO, Stillwater , OK .  Call 405-590-6563.


Dutch r5.jpg (359877 bytes)     Dutch r 1.jpg (321885 bytes)     Dutch r 2.jpg (375972 bytes)     

Dutch r3.jpg (374452 bytes)     Dutch r4.jpg (333874 bytes)


Listed May 06, Sold August 06

UL with 377 ES $ 4800, Oregon

Nice flying Falcon UL for sale $4,800 (obo). Comes with very road worthy open trailer (still under construction), nice low hour rotax 377 with electric start and b-box, runs like a top. This isn't a hanger baby but a great flying ultralight. With the addition of the bigger engine and weight, I reinforced the back portion of the fuselage with fiberglass spars and engine mount. Will send more photos on request. Have additional new wooden prop and original orion prop. Parachute and mount dissasembled for repack and inspection. Currently flying without. Must sell. I am involved in sailplanes, hang gliding and also have a towing operation for hang gliders and of course work full time. Just not enough time to fly the Falcon like I use to. Please contact Jack Nelson in Portland, Oregon - (503)-680-8528  - (503) 233-1770 or can e-mail me at

falcon-jack.JPG (323030 bytes)   falcon-flying.JPG (122445 bytes) flaocn-running.JPG (305705 bytes)


UL, Flying, $5000.-, NY

Falcon Ultralight Aircraft, located at Orange County Airport,  Montgomery NY  (MGJ). It features recent wings recovering with Ceconite ( also known as Dacron), painted white. The covering job is not the greatest, but definitely safe and airworthy. There are some blemishes from transporting it from Texas to NY, but they are minor and are taken care of. I want the buyer to know that this is not a new aircraft. The fuselage is in excellent shape and had been re-done not too long ago. I inspected the Rotax 277 engine and installed a new piston, new points, seals and gaskets, rest was in very good shape. Subsequently I subjected the engine to a one-hour Rotax break-in procedure, plus spent several hours test flying the aircraft and trimming it out.  New gas tank, replaced the old leaky one. New windshield. Rudder-up modification. Full enclosure and other options available separately.  

Contact me , Mike Fithian , at or call 845 528 8940

  010_015.JPG (266099 bytes) 007_018.JPG (267181 bytes) 011_014.JPG (215802 bytes)  016_009.JPG (344378 bytes) 009_016.JPG (202835 bytes)014_011.JPG (333208 bytes) 013_012.JPG (305975 bytes)

New Listing June 05, Sold July 05

'83 Falcon UL, trailer, 3 engines.                                            Asking $ 4500

This plane was owned by my father Rich Baganz, who passed away early 2004.  The body is in good condition, the wings and canard are Tedlar covered and in good condition but the wings have a few small slits. It has three engines, propeller, and a parachute that needs to be repacked. According to notes in 2001, at the time it had 400 hours on it and was recovered and had 40 hours on the new covering. New windshields; I hasn't been flown in nearly 6 years it is a UL model. There are two 27 hp rotaxes and a kawasaki, all belt driven. The kawasaki motor was purchased with intentions of being belt driven, it is a 398cc twin and has 80 hours on it. The plane is completely dismantled for storage in our garage. The wings, canard, motor gas tank, and chute are out. The controls, landing gear, fuel system are all still in.  If you have further questions or would like another picture please feel free to email me and I will do my best. 

                              IM000147.JPG (53470 bytes)     IM000149.JPG (53052 bytes)     IM000159.JPG (41717 bytes)                              IM000145.JPG (37465 bytes)     IM000152.JPG (31068 bytes)     IM000153.JPG (26843 bytes)

New listing, June 05, sold right away  

For sale, Falcon XP with aproximatly 150 hours on engine and airframe. New Tedlar about 1 year ago. Has the Factory made "open" trailer. Email: Tom Tompkins at VIRGINIA_FLYER@ADELPHIA.NET for pictures and information. MUST SELL. Loosing hanger space!!! Call Tom at: 434-832-0140 between 5:00pm and 9:00pm EST.   asking $ 11.000.00

      Dann Gregory 1.jpg (60759 bytes)  Dann Gregory 2.jpg (60516 bytes)  Dann Gregory 3.jpg (61962 bytes)


New Listing, May 04, sold within a few months

Falcon UL for sale: this falcon was flown weekly prior to the damage by a
wind storm. damage is limited to the left wing trailing edge, right rudder,
struts have been replaced. basic instruments, new windshield. chute has
been repacked during the year. fixed nose wheel . 277 rotax with 49hrs
since rebuilt. good prop. $1,500 as is.  Tel: 239
694 1766 ft myers fl. 

crulcockpit.jpg (116789 bytes)  cascrul.jpg (158152 bytes)

Listed in December 04, sold in March 05

Falcon UL in the St Louis area, fresh 277 (17 hrs and climbing), rudders converted to up, new wing coverings (fabric), new upholstery, a joy to fly, fairings included but not mounted, chute removed for repacking, will reinstall, always hangared, only $5,200 fly away, local FAA guy says add a fuel gauge, do a weight and balance, and she can be Light Sport N numbered, older windshield installed - could stand to be replaced, contact Bert at 618-236-1312 or MyFalcon1.jpg (17013 bytes)

New listing, April 2005 sold Dec 06

1987 Falcon XP-B    N5034Y   Rotax 503-50 dual carb, 50 hp. 196 hrs on engine and fuselage. very good condition. Wings recovered in dacron. fully insrtumented. asking $$ 12,000.00           Call Dave @ 505-294-8120


New Listing, March 04, Sold in August to Alaska

Falcon XP registered N600LW in 1992 (1986 Kit) 503 Electric Start 60HR, 3 Blade ground adjustable wood prop, 192HR Airframe, ALT, compass, ASI, 2 EGT, VSI, TinyTach, Hour meter, Strobes and Navigation lights, ELT, Icom A22 radio, Lynx Micro Headsets/intercom, Garmin GPS 3 Pilot.  Willing to discuss delivery.Located in Minneapolis, MN.

See for latest updates, price, and contact information.

Asking $ 9500.-


Matthew 1.jpg (72667 bytes)

New listing , sold within a month

86 Falcon XP with enclosed trailer ( Ken Rotax 503E with 50 Hrs, 140hrs TT, 50 hrs past year, original tedlar, always hangared or in trailer, no damage, flies great, Sacramento CA ,

                                                 Asking $11,500.-

 Dethlefs.jpg (536484 bytes) Dethlefs2.jpg (212204 bytes) Dethelfs3.jpg (225931 bytes) Dethelfs4.jpg (211741 bytes)



New Listing, March 04, sold 2 days later

 1986 single seat Falcon UL.  Has rotax 277 CDI with gearbox, 75 hrs. since rebuild.  Full 3-axis control, steerable nose wheel, keywest voltage regulator, rear wheel brakes, stits covered wings and lexan windshield.  Has altimeter, airspeed, CHT, EGT, Tach, hourmeter, and strobe lights.   Runs and flys superb!  Always hangared.  $5000.   OHIO

Eric Shannon 1.jpg (273708 bytes)     Eric Shannon 2.jpg (282985 bytes)

This sold in 2 months 

Dear   Mike    I have decided to put the Falcon up for sale and pursue a higher performance motor glider. I now have 85hrs. on the 30hp Hirth with 3 blade Powerfin and very happy with the performance. I have gone through everything except for original tedlar cover ( always hangered) and includes self centering front wheel with glass rods, winter cover, wing and canard covers. Instruments include Winter vario, airspeed,tach, cylinder head temp.,exhaust temp. Magellan aviation GPS and Hobbs. Included is a strobe and 1999 750BRS chute. Last July I trailered the Falcon to Ephrata WA. and had a best ride of 2300'/min. climb with sustained 1600' climb from 1800' to 5700' at idle. Hope all is well!   Thanks  Bill Ling          Contact: 360 299-2129 or                               asking $ 6000.00

Hirth right shot.jpg (122535 bytes)     Shiny bird.jpg (112629 bytes)      Got gas.jpg (105038 bytes)

Click here to see the rest in the UL OWNER'S SECTION

  84 Falcon UL creampuff, ( Chuck Drone, CA,, cell 408 499-1774)  Restored Falcon UL with many mods and improvements, creampuff, see pictures. Kevlar fuselage, NEW 277 Rotax w CDI, rebuilt gear box, NEW AS,  Alt, Horiz, Rate of climb, EGT, CHT, Hobbs, tach. NEW strobes, extra wires for wing tip lights, NEW flight cables, oversize wheels and tires, brakes, seals, front strut, prop balancer. NEW tedlar covering. Original chute. NEW pearl paint job. One of a kind Falcon UL.   Asking $ 6500.-

Click on picture to zoom in

  Chuck Drone 1.jpg (196048 bytes)  Chuck Drone 2.jpg (149378 bytes)  Chuck Drone 3.jpg (174319 bytes)



Falcon UL ( R. Warren, OH, Asking $ 5000.-  extra instruments, original wing covering, wheel covers, good condition, only 30 hrs since engine overhaul. Flying

       Warren 1.jpg (29375 bytes)   Warren 2.jpg (30700 bytes)   Warren 3.jpg (32697 bytes)

Click on pictures to blow up



86 Falcon UL    ( Hobbs, Armstrong, BC, CAN 250 546-6915) ask 4000.- US $
no engine Excellent condition, Stits covered, Spring type landing gear,
extra instruments, optional 10 g tank, 230 


84 Falcon UL   ( Epley, Texas City, TX     asking $5500.-
350 hrs TT, 447 Rotax with 70 hrs, e-start, dual fuel pumps, 10 SMOH, 2 blade cf prop, dual engine instruments, AS, Vario, Hyd brakes. New custom titanium nose gear. Wings recovered w. dacron and urethane paint. XP style up-fins Flying, will demo. 

Click here to switch to " Falcon Owners/ Tom Epley's 447"
3 composite views.jpg (36629 bytes)    3 full shots.jpg (33166 bytes) 


86 XP , (Kranig,Eden, WI 920 477-5332 new # leave msg/ )asking 9500.-
145+ TT, 45 TT smoh, NEW Rotax 503 with Ducati ignition, gearbox, starter, exhaust New IVO prop, new battery, el. fuel pump, Standard instruments plus dual EGT 600-6 wheels on alu rims w. disk brakes.Intercom, 2 headsets, Upholstered seats, White, polished d-tubes, Original Tedlar, painted and always hangared.



86 Falcon XP w. open trailer ( Lafayette, GA) ( )    asking 8,000.-
Low hours XP, 503 Rotax w v-belt drive, Engine serviced, new pistons, rings. Ivo prop, Standard instruments, Good fuselage, no damage, Original Tedlar, good condition, Good landing gear, disc brakes, chute, WITH OPEN TRAILER !( engine currently removed and crated for shipment ) pix available.



Falcon UL ( Lafayette. GA ) (                      asking$4000.00       Good engine, 20 hrs SMOH, recent wing repairs, oversize tires. Contact for more info, pix available. more on


Just completed   SOLD SOLD SOLD

Custom XP                 ( )                                      $15,000.-  Custom XP, loaded with mods and improvements, custom spring loaded main gear, band drum brakes, oversize wheels, NEW fuselage, NEW ceconite covering, polyurethane paint, NEW 503 DCDI with E box, NEW Ceramic coated exhaust, silencer NEW Orion prop, strobes. NEW Custom panel with Terra radio with built-in intercom, Mode C transponder, Multifunction instrument with alt, rate of climb, fuel gauge, dual cht, dual egt, times. Chute, custom oversize canopy. Flying 

SOLD SOLD SOLD Click here for pictures of N240XP SOLD SOLD SOLD

Under construction:  


85 Falcon UL               ( )                      projecting $ 6000.-
Flying, Good condition all around, Original Tedlar, Rudder and elevators red ceconite, stored indoors, chute, good landing gear, Winter enclosure, CHT, ALT, Hall windspeed. Will be restored and ready summer 2003 



Just in January 2003:                                                                             

Falcon XP, ( 503 Rotax DC w gearbox 2.58/1, 30 SMOH, Starter, Ivo prop, Full instruments, Chute, Wheel Pants,Stits covered, Intercom with 2 headsets, IcomA-22,Hangared........Asking   $$ 9000US           

Click here for link to Yvan Cote's XP pictures




February 2003: 

1985 Falcon XP ( Paul August ) New 503 with DC, CDI, standard instruments plus recording tach fuel gauge and CHT, Powerfin 3 bladed carbon prop, extra 2 blade Warp drive prop. Kunzelman strobes, hydraulic disc brakes, manuals, extras, fixed nose gear mod, always hangared, 215 TT, 2 SMOH. Pictures to follow. Ohio.                                                                        Asking $ 10,000.-

falcon_xp_1a.jpg (226635 bytes)    falcon_xp_2c.jpg (253783 bytes)




This just in, July 2003

"Falcon UL ( Merced, CA ) asking $5700.00. Original Tedlar.4 blade prop
driven by an upgraded Rotax 447 engine w/less than 2 hrs SMOH by Daniel
Day. The original Rotax 277 is also included. Custom covers for temporary
storage out-of-doors. Also has oversize tires, fixed nosegear mod (which
does not retract) and a custom seat.  Wired for a handheld VHF radio w/ptt
on control stick. Contact for more information and
directions. It's located in a hanger at what used to be Castle AFB, CA.
More pictures available here: "

falconrw.jpg (42412 bytes) engn-mnt.jpg (53662 bytes)


Wanted Section


Partner wanted for Falcon UL in Pennsylvania

I'm looking for a partner to share in the care and flying of my  Falcon UL.  I haven't flown it for a little over a year do to a busy schedule.  I hate the idea its just sitting in a hanger.  I purchase this aircraft from Falcon-east and can be seen on the web page under the sold section in the  classified adds  it was listed May 06 and purchased June 06.  I have replaced the nose gear with the solid gear it has a older portable GPS. Its currently located in Hanover in York P.a at a small grass strip. I'm willing to relocate it to a neutral location hanger rent is $175.00 monthly at its current location.  Flying experience necessary
Tim Boyer   H 717 235 2176   Cell 717 542 2414

Falcon XP Enclosed Trailer wanted.

East TN

Kenneth Winter


June 2008

UL- Rebuildable


  Wanted: Falcon UL, any condition but must be rebuildable.  contact

     I am currently looking for a "rebuildable" UL project.  I am developing a unique engine for this plane.  I hope to go after the altitude record to prove the abilities of the powerplant. 
 December 2008


Wanted: XP

Wanted, Falcon XP with a recent engine and airframe rebuild, must have electric start, radio, intercom, chute and enclosed trailer preferred.
                                                Art Brelsford----NJ
 October 04

Wanted: Falcon UL, excellent condition, Florida area, 

contact Alex P. Orlando Fl   Ph 407 298 6752
September 04

Wanted: XP, in any condition, 


September 04

Wanted: Falcon XP Ultralight must be in excellent condition Dave Dunn 219-406-0029

November 2004

Wanted: Falcon XP

Looking for a Falcon XP 2 seater, Would like to be the first one with a falcon around here. 

Billy Steward of Clarksville TN.  931-320-1308

Wanted: Falcon, any model




PHONE 943-91-61 MEXICO

April 2005

Wanted, Falcon XP 

in excelent condition (low hours) or with a recent engine and airframe rebuild, must have electric start, rotax 582, and enclosed trailer preferred.

send pics and requested price to:

CC97 SUC25
Plaza Italia


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